The quality that we grew

Agram specializes in the production of pickled cucumbers. We are situated in the south of the country, around 80 km far from Rostov-on-Don, Bagaevskaya village. Our fields are located in close proximity to production. It maintains a high freshness of our products prior to the fermentation stage and gives us a very big advantage front of our competitors. Our pickled cucumbers do not contains natural sugars and lactic acid. As such, they have a bold flavor.

маринованные огурцы дольками

The possible forms of our cucumbers are as follows:


- Cubes: 3x3x3, 6x6x6, 9x9x9, 12x12x12 mm.

- Slices: straight and corrugated cut.

- Whole or as a part of mixture of vegetables.

- Wavy cutting

- Lenghtwise cutting

- Cut into thin strips

- It is possible to discuss other forms and variations.

We offer a variety of packaging options.

We usually deliver products in 180 kg barrels to industrial customers.




Also we offer next delivery option if you need a smaller container: buckets (max 20 l)

or plastic bags (max 10 kg).

It is possible to supply products in smaller volume polyethylene bags (up to 1.5 kg)

for the fast food industry. Such containers can be supplied in boxes (6 x 1.5 kg)

with the preservative without the need for additional heat treatment.

огурцы в упаковке свит релиш
огурцы в упаковке дольками
огурцы в упаковке целые